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"If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, to the prosperity and glory which its three or four hundred million people would enjoy. ... We must build a kind of United States of Europe. . . . . ."

Winston Churchill, Zurich, I9th September 1946




Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  • 19:30 h ELS|Sundowner* at The Zillers Roof Garden drinks**, talks, snacks - networking with an international group of colleagues


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

  • 08:45 h s.t. meeting at the Fresh Hotel (transportation to meeting* puick-up by bus)

  • 09:30 h Meeting with The Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice, led by the Chairman Mr. Antonios Syrigos*** (The Hellenic Parliament)

  • 11:15 h transportation* to the area of the restaurant Το Τρίκυκλο

  • 11:45 h lunch (attendees‘ own arrangement/expense)

  • 13:30 h Sightseeing Tour, pick-up by bus* and transportation to inter alia Acropolis, Byzantine Museum, etc.

  • 17:30 h return to Fresh Hotel

  • 18:30 h ELS Assembly & Formalities, at the Fresh Hotel Agenda:

    - cash and activity report 2017/2018 by the board and approval by the assembly, approval of the minutes of the 2018 assembly

    - discussion points raised by attendees

    - welcome of new members

    - perspectives for 2019

  • 19:45 h pick-up by bus* and transportation to The Island Club (approx. 30 min.)

  • 20:30 h ELS|dinner** at The Island Club* with Champagne Welcome and Dinner


ELS|Dinner 13th June 2018


Champagne Welcome

Ψωμί και dip | Βread and dip

Πρώτα ΠιάταFirst Courses | Επιλογή από / A choice from:

Blini από quinoa με καπνιστό σολομό, κρέμα τυρί με μοσχολέμονο, λιναρόσπορο &

dressing μουστάρδας με μέλι | Quinoa blini with smoked salmon, lime cream cheese, linseed and honey mustard dressing

ή / or

Σπανάκι με ανθότυρο σε φύλλο κρούστας και σουσάμι σε vinaigrette μέλι και σιρόπι άνηθο | Spinach with αnthotyro cheese, in sesame crust and dill on vinaigrette and honey syrup

Κυρίως Πιάτα – Main Courses | Επιλογή από / A choice from:

Φιλετάκια από μοσχάρι γάλακτος με sauce από γλυκό κρασί Vinsanto σε risotto από μπρόκολο και παρμεζάνα | Baby veal fillets in sweet Vinsanto wine sauce, in broccoli and parmesan risotto

ή / or

Φιλέτο γλώσσας sauté, με μανιτάρια portobello, ψίχα καβουριού* , ντομάτα και λάδι τρούφας | Sautéed sole fillet, with portobello mushrooms, crab*, tomato and truffle oil

ή / or

Φρέσκα ravioli Τοσκάνης µε παρµεζάνα, ρικότα και sauce από πεκορίνο ταρτούφο | Tuscany fresh ravioli with ricotta & parmesan cheese with sauce of pecorino tartufo

Επιδόρπια – Desserts | Επιλογή από / A choice from:

Chocolate fondant με πορτοκάλι και passion fruit | Chocolate fondant with orange and passion fruit

ή / or

Cheese cake με sorbet φράουλα | Cheese cake with strawberry sorbet

Καφές ή τσάι | Coffee or Tea


The official part of the ELS|Athens delegation trip ends here. However, the ELS offers the unique option of a 2 nights / 3 days leisure excursion to Mykonos. In the alternative members can also book an extension of their stay in Athens.


Thursday, June 14, 2018


Friday, June 15, 2018


Saturday, June 16, 2018

  • 10:45 h departure from hotel

  • 12:00 - 14:20 h speed ferry Mykonos port - Athens Rafina (port) approx. 17 km / 30-40 min. from Athens International Airport Elefterios Venizelos

  • 14:30 h pick-up by bus at Rafina Ferry Terminal and transportation to Athens International Airport

*included in registration fee, attendees have to pay tip/drinks/service charge

** pre-selected drinks

*** coming soon



For enquiries, please, send an e-mail to

13th June 2018|Athens

Meeting with The Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice, led by the Chairman Mr. Antonios Syrigos


The registration fee includes (per person): transportation in Athens (partial), ELS sundowner including drinks and food, ELS dinner in Athens (preselected drinks and water), selected sightseeing entrance fees (Acropolis museum, Byzantine museum)

*included in registration fee, however attendees have to pay tip/drinks/service charge


During the 4 days session (12th - 15th June 2018) ELS provides a training for intellectual property practictions in the fields of

  • current case law, particularly in trademark, design and patent litigation

  • perspectives of the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent System to be established

  • strategies of attack & defense in patent infringement matters

  • impending introduction of EU certification marks

  • IP portfolio management strategies

  • impact of Brexit on EU protective rights and cross-border litigation

  • developments of the European Unitary Patent